PET bottles (ПЭТ флаконы)

Пластиковая тара для фармацевтической промышленности и диагностических лабораторий.

Специализация завода «Профипласт» - производство современной полимерной тары и упаковки, а так же изделий для упаковки ликероводочной, фармацевтической, парфюмерно-косметической, химической, и другой продукции.

 Для фармацевтической промышленности и диагностических лабораторий Профипласт осуществляет производство таких изделий из полимерных материалов как: первичная пластиковая тара для таблеток, крышка , пробирка Эппендорф, наконечники Эппендорф, пипетка Пастера, наконечники для дозаторов, флакон, шприц-дозатор, банка, контейнер лабораторный, устройства для нужд фармацевтической и микробиологической промышленности . Производство всех изделий сопровождается подготовкой и соответствующей регистрацией технических условий (ТУ) и гигиенических заключений Минздрава Украины.


Suddenly there is the realization that so much could be saved without a reduction in quality of bottles of beverages. Naturally any manufacturer would want every available means to reduce the cost of production. There are many of these manufacturers that are not so much concerned about the health of consumers or meeting up with set standards but for governing bodies that oversee their activities. PET bottles are now the bottling material used by many manufacturers that are into the manufacturing of beverage bottles.

Before its appearance in the market, there were materials like aluminium, PVC and glass that were used but since the realization of the benefits and properties of this material, these older materials appear to have lost their places in the minds of manufacturers.

So many reasons are responsible for the sudden interest manufacturers now have in the material. As a means of cutting costs and in support of our environment, manufacturers choose to make their stands with materials that are recyclable. PET is a recyclable product and very inexpensive to produce and manufacturers are offered durable performance from it. While bottles that are made from other types of materials would either undergo expensive recycling processes or go to the landfill, PET bottles don’t cause manufacturers all these heartaches and some more money is available to be ploughed back into their businesses.

As the awareness of the usefulness of this PET spreads around, countries all over the world are now making use of the material for packaging beverages. Since the beverage industry is a very large one, there is a high demand for this material all over the world. Manufacturers are either kept busy looking for places where they get to buy PET bottles or where they can buy machineries that are used in their production. Depending on the capacity of the manufacturer, the second option is what most of manufacturers choose to go for. Setting up machinery for the production of PET bottles is not a small business as it involves quite a tidy sum of money. Manufacturers have the choice of buying their machinery new or where there are not enough funds for the purchase of this machinery brand new, manufacturers may buy them used.

There may be many methods for manufacturing PET bottles; there are basically two main methods that are generally used. There are the blow molding machines and the pre-forms. By using the pre-form technique, it would be possible to carry out the process using just a single step or at the most, two phases. For the most part, manufacturers love the one step manufacturing process as it enables the manufacture of these bottles in just one unbroken sequence of events using a single machine. The thermoplastic properties of PET are made use of in the blow-molding technique where shapes are given to the material when it is yet plastic and hot. It is possible to carry out the procedure as stretch blow molding or as injection blow molding.

If you are in need of the right machinery for the production of PET bottles, you would have to exercise a lot of caution. The reason for this is that, there are different brands in the market. Confirm first with the sales record that extends over all continents. This is a telltale sign of a vendor’s commitment to its customers. If you are interested in buying used PET machinery, you would do well to look for machinery that can be configured according to the capacity and requirements of the manufacturer. There are countless numbers of machinery that are labeled as "used” but can still serve good purpose for a reasonably long number of years. Before you pick up any of these however, do make sure you check if there is a backup of maintenance and engineering services for it. Other important considerations you must have include the availability of spare parts and the cost effective manner of sourcing for them. Most buyers are either preoccupied with the task of producing PET bottles or were completely fooled by vendors before realizing their mistake. There is no point trying to run away from huge expense by setting up this machinery only to land yourself in a process that would get you in huge expense at the end of the day.



It may be necessary for you to solicit the help of an expert analyst who would give a fair statement and confirm the technical worthiness of a used machine and its monetary worth. So if you are already pressed or excited over the starting of the PET bottles production, it is better you confirm the prospect of what you would be investing some money into before you start at all. This would keep you from making a costly mistake that is made too often by people who want a place in the industry too.